Thinking out of the Box

Enigma Solutions

Thinking out of the Box – We turn Data into Decisions

Our open world is becoming an opportunistic environment where networked organizations and individuals use technological innovations and social change to exploit our assets, our values, our valuables, our way of life and our business.

Proactive organizational protection against malicious threat actors is the only answer to current and future problems.

Enigma Solutions is an international network of Safety, Security & (Counter-) Intelligence Experts from the Public and Private sector. We develop threat based solutions using Time, Place and Modus Operandi. Our knowledge network uniquely integrates ASIS certified Security Management Principles with Government Certified Intelligence methodologies to generate actionable strategies. Our solutions are hands-on and can immediately be applied in your organization. You get more Security with less cost.

We provide Education, Training, Consultancy and Operational Support in Threat Based Risk Assessments and Proactive Counter Measures for real world problems.

We increase organizational efficiency, optimize profit and minimize loss.


Interested in what the Network can do for your organization? Contact us at info@enigmasolutions.eu